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Facilitate data collection, storage, and analysis for researchers in comparative medicine
The majority of animal study data is captured, analyzed, and organized with paper and Excel! Can your organization continue to operate this way and remain competitive in the industry? Today, forward-looking companies are making the transition from paper and spreadsheet to electronic study management platforms.
Mosaic InVivo is a leader in web-based solutions for managing pre-clinical, animal-model study data. The easy-to-use interface of Mosaic InVivo allows your researchers to be productive and comfortable from day one. The application is modeled on a common study workflow yet is flexible enough to adapt to your organization’s unique processes.

Standardize your in vivo study management across the enterprise

Eliminate the time scientists spend on repetitive data analysis

Facilitate collaboration within and between research groups

Making it easy for animal model study data mangement

Web-based study designer

Support for many data types

Statistics support

Comprehensive support for defining treatment groups

Manual or automated data entry

Extensive graphing capabilities

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